Model Release RT

Finally there is a model release application that has been designed for the Microsoft Windows platform! This is a professional grade software package that will run on your Windows 8 desktop, Tablet, Windows Surface RT, and Windows Surface Pro!

Model Release RT will allow you to ditch your stack of paper model release forms and replace it with a new application that is designed by professional photographers for photographers. This application will allow you to collect all the necessary information from your photo shoot and email it to your model and other individuals right on the spot.

Here are some awesome features that you can perform at the touch of your fingers:

  • Save photographer information such as photographer signature, studio location, and logo/photo.
  • Create, list, and delete model release information.
  • Capture a model, parent, or guardian and witness signatures using the signature pad feature
  • Capture a models photo for release identification.
  • Add custom release terms (legal information) to your model releases on the fly.
  • Create custom lists of model release terms that can be added to any model release.
  • Send feedback, submit a bug, or make a suggestion via help option.
  • Share (Windows Surfaces way to email) your model releases right from your Windows 8 Computer, Table, or Surface RT & Pro.
  • Signature pad requires the use of Touch or Type Keyboard mouse or USB Mouse.
  • Automatic backup of model releases to a secondary location after releases are added or removed.
  • Automatic backup of application information to OneDrive (Formerly known as Microsoft SkyDrive).
  • Support for Canadian(English)

New features in release .20 released on 7/29/2014

  • Removed dependency on all mandatory fields. Only model name, phone number and email are mandatory.
  • Witness button has been removed. If your subject is a minor you will be required to sign a witness signature and a parent signature
  • Fixed a bug with the way IsMinor was being set
  • Fixed font size for release terms buttons.
  •  Added format validator for DOB.
  • Added new button and function for deleting model release term items.
  • Renamed 'Delete Release' to 'Delete Model'.
  • Added New Application Features page.
  • Fixed bug in email with signatures.
  • Made email company logo smaller.

New features on the way:

  • The ability to print from your Windows 8, Windows 8 Computer, Table, or Surface RT & Pro.



This application will only collect personal information of your models per your personal use. This information is NOT collected or transmitted to Dave Goldman Photography under any circumstances and is for your personal use only. Information from this application is backed up to your Microsoft OneDrive if you have an account. We are not responsible for others gaining access to your account and using information from this application. We do not collect, by or sell any personal information what so ever.


You can click on this link to take you to the Windows Store to find this application: