PocketWizard Plus 3 Firmware out!

September 24, 2013  •  Leave a Comment

The PocketWizard Plus III, one of the most popular models in our current line of products, has new firmware available in the form of version 1.200!

PocketWizard Plus IIIOne of the most noticeable differences to be found in the new firmware is the new system to monitor battery level. In our previous firmware, battery level was conveyed solely by color, but in firmware revision 1.200 we have changed this to be more intuitive and even easier to read. Now when the battery is between full and fifty percent the Status LED will blink green once, when between fifty and twenty-five percent the Status LED will blink amber twice, and when below twenty-five percent the Status LED will blink red three times.

Along with the improved battery indicator we have also made adjustments that improve communications between the Plus III and the MultiMax as well as improved compatibility with several older flash models. To read about these changes read the Plus III Firmware 1.200 release notes.

To update your radio simply plug your radio via USB into your computer and open the latest PocketWizard Utility (version 1.54) and the option to update will come up automatically. If you do not have the latest PocketWizard Utility, find it on our Downloads page.


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