PPA Super Monday lighting class coming up this Sat (Oct12)

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I am excited for this weekend as this will be my second time teaching as a PPA Super Monday instructor. For those of you that are curious about Super Monday and what it is, here ya go.

Super Monday is a one-day fundraising event that builds the photographic and business skills of professional photographers. Classes are taught by photographers who host seminars in their studios (or other locations), with the proceeds going to support PPA educational projects. These one-day programs focus on sharing knowledge on topics ranging from lighting, posing and imaging to business, marketing and sales.

For more on PPA and Super Monday - http://www.ppa.com/edu/content.cfm?ItemNumber=2332&navItemNumber=3777#whatis

This weekend I will be teaching studio lighting geared towards the CPP Exam and Image Submission process. This will be a very technical in-depth 8 hour course that consists of the following:

  • The Characteristics of light –Direction, Size, Intensity (Highlight and Shadows) and Color Temperature
  • Inverse Square Law
  • 7 Lighting Positions
  • 11 Styles of Lighting
  • Metering for Exposure (Using light meters)
  • 1 – 5 Light Setups (Where do you put the lights?)
  • Lighting Ratios (Layered or “Additive” vs. Non-Layered)
  • Putting it together - All hands on with a live model.

This class is now full, however if you are in Charlotte and looking to take a class light this please send me an email,



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